Kobbelv Vertshus is a popular inn and meeting point in Sørfold. Although easily accessible along the E6 highway, it enjoys an idyllic and secluded location. The terrace offers lovely views of the Leirfjord and Baggfossen waterfall.

Welcome to Kobbelv vertshus inn

Between the Salten, Ofoten and Lofoten regions is the Realm of Hamsun, made famous by the novels of Knut Hamsun. His imagination created a land of adventures that people from all over the world dream about, and Kobbelv Vertshus is located right in the middle of it.

The inn is situated where the sea meets the mountains, and we have offered many different trails and activities in the surrounding area.

We are proud to be part of the Arctic Menu culinary network and have chosen to specialize in food based on local dishes and ingredients. We wish to convey a vibrant environment in which culture and local traditions are in focus, and we invite our guests to art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events.




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